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Place Matters-Handbook of Global Best Practices on Place Making For Children

The second in the series, the study brings together a carefully chosen collection of case studies that demonstrate the powerful positive impact of well-designed built space for children, specifically lovingly and sensitively designed ‘nodes of interest’ where children live, play and learn. The collection also showcases best practices of local area or neighbourhood level planning and design that have huge significance in affording young children their everyday freedoms and make it safe and fun for them and their caregivers to move about freely from one ‘node of interest’ to another .

The handbook is designed to extract and disseminate ‘big ideas’ from small-scale, impactful interventions to be adopted and adapted by Indian cities, organizations, schools, neighbourhoods, and residents. Aptly titled, ‘Place Matters’, it highlights the local initiatives and designs that have been critical to a city’s overall success.