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Smart City Proposal-Warangal Smart City Proposal-Warangal
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Warangal

Warangal aspires to be the cultural capital of Telangana and will continue to be the centre of heritage and cultural tourism, which Telangana people proudly identify.

Warangal’s area based development (ABD) envisions to retrofit and redevelop 1,583 acres centered on Central Area of Warangal and transform into a light-house for the city and to show case as a smart neighbourhood by improving nearly 39,187 residents.

Integrated Operations Control Centre (IOCC) will facilitate city based operations control centre, which will provide multi-agency based control and management functions leading to cohesive service delivery platform.  IOCC will deliver ability to centrally manage following pan city initiatives (...) Integrated City Mobility management (...) & Common city payments and services processing platform.