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Human Resource and Skill requirements in Telecommunications Sector (2013-17), (2017-22)

Minister of State launched the Human Resource and Skill Requirement reports across 24 sectors in India which will serve as the baseline for all skill development initiatives being planned across the country. The idea behind the Skill Gap Studies is to understand which sectors are likely to face the biggest gaps. He said, it is imperative for us to plan the skilling of future workforce of India on the basis of these reports.

Telecommunications providers are tapping the potential of services that are rendered on mobile and connected devices (like television and the internet). These companies require large CAPEX and skilled manpower for their expansion to host and provide these services

 A host of jobs are related to the development and maintenance of devices, lines, systems and networks that facilitate communication. This offers a wide range of career prospects, and one can pursue a career in:

  • Application/product development
  • Application testing
  • ERP implementation/integration  ERP implementation/integration
  • Network planning
  • Data networking
  • Mobile application development and value-added service