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multimedia in education multimedia in education

Multimedia in Education Curriculum

The aim of the module Multimedia in Education are that the target groups develop a deep knowledge and high competencies regarding:

  • Why, where and how multimedia can be used in school educational settings;
  •  Pedagogical scenarios concerning the mainstream and future use of educational multimedia;
  •  Important learning and teaching aspects, in particular, teachers’ roles, students’ learning strategies, social/collaborative learning, ICT literacy, metacognition, and motivation;
  •  Present educational goals and how educational multimedia can support these goals;
  •  Critical and reflective selection and the use of educational multimedia according to mainstream scenarios for multimedia in education;
  •  Evaluation methods related to the educational use of multimedia.

In particular, the module is aimed at boosting educators’ motivation and skills in applying multimedia into educational settings and adapting the content of the course into current educational practices.