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Solid Waste Management Technology Manual

The Technology Manual on SWM is mainly to provide technology information to decision makers, planners and senior level officers to take scientific decision on the choice and selection of technology, technical information during implementation and to monitor the process of SWM form time to time. It explains the technologies suitable to Indian condition, technical details and design specifications and operational aspects,etc and alsomodel estimates to set up composting technology. The manual is prepared using the secondary information already available and also integrating the experiences of CED in working with the ULBs in general and Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi City Corporations and Payyannur Municipality in particular. CED is operating two major SWM systems each with a capacity to process 300 MTs/Day with all auxiliary components like RDF, Leachate Treatment Plant, etc and also carrying out many research studies to improve the functioning of the SWM system.These hands on experience through operation and management of the systemand in planning and design of SWM system in many ULBsand Panchayats has been integrated in preparing this Manual