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Perspectives on the Grand Energy Transition

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he World Energy Issues Monitor provides the views of energy leaders from across the globe to highlight the key issues of uncertainty, importance and developing signals for the future.

The World Energy Issues Monitor Tool presents in one place dynamic map views of the nine years of Issues Monitor data that has been collated by the World Energy Council. The maps convey a narrative of the key energy issues, regional and local variances and how these have changed over time. The tool allows the preparation of different maps for comparison and allows the manipulation of data by geography, over time, or by highlighting of specific energy issues.

  • The geographical views can now be broken out into a country level
  • The time view allows you to see how specific issues have developed whether globally, at a regional or country level
  • Issues can also be viewed according to certain categories such as OECD, non-OECD, G20 countries, innovators

Where specific narratives explaining the country data exist, they are included in the tool.