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PPP Infrastructure Framework PPP Infrastructure Framework

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Public Private Partnership Framework For Infrastructure Sector

Over the last few years Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects have seen a sharp rise in India as Govt. of India has started recognizing PPP as an effective & efficient strategy for meeting ever-growing demand for better infrastructure across the country, while keeping the exchequer’s investment in such projects on the lower side. Govt. of India has introduced various initiatives such as establishment of Public Private Partnership Appraisal Committee (PPPAC), an Infrastructure Project Development Fund, and Viability Gap Fund to provide financial support for various PPP projects that are being planned & executed across the country.

This document has been developed by VMC Management Consulting Pvt. Ltd., a Knowledge Partner for UN Global Compact Network, India for smart cities for specific purpose of creating a support system for Pune Smart City (PSCDCL) for fulfillment of requirements thus defined under the MoU signed between UN GCNI & PSCDCL. This document has been created with the sole objective of defining & streamlining the process of effective implementation of PPP projects.