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Freight report Freight report

Goods on the Move

Improving efficiency of the logistics sector is of high importance for the country’s economy as it boosts economic growth, grows exports through global supply chains and generates employment. While India’s passenger and freight mobility sectors are becoming more efficient and the logistics is sector is growing at CAGR of 10.5%1 and expected to reach about USD 215 billion in 20202 , there are a set of interconnected problems in the system, which need to be addressed to further enhance efficiency. Logistical inefficiencies lead to reduced employment opportunities, perpetuate a poverty cycle for rural populations, make roads and highways unsafe, and contribute to pollution. Conversely, enhancing the efficiency of logistics can create high quality economic growth and employment opportunities, improve safety and public health, and support India’s successful fulfilment of international commitments towards climate change.

This report by NITI aayog presents barriers and solutions for frieght movement in Indian Sector