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Delivering For Citizens

Document Category: Governance, Report

Governments around the world know that to deliver for citizens, they must transform the services they provide. Aging populationsare putting huge pressure on health and social services; educational systems need to equip young people with the skills for a technology-driven world; and the changing shape of cities is creating new demands on infrastructure. Many government services do not meet citizens’ growing expectations. These trends are contributing to public discontent.

Unfortunately, around 80 percent of government efforts to transform performance don’t fully meet their objectives—a key finding of a survey of nearly 3,000 public officials across 18 countries as part of a new study by the McKinsey Center for Government. The study also includes insights from 80 case studies, as well as 30 in-depth interviews with leaders who have personally led transformations in government. Between them, these leaders have more than 300 years of collective experience in what it takes to succeed.