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Good Practice Guide: Waste to Resources

Municipal solid waste management strategies can both provide effective mitigation of GHG emissions through landfill gas recovery and improved landfill practices, and can avoid significant GHG generation through controlled composting, integrated waste treatment facilities, and expanded collection services. In addition, waste minimization, recycling and re-use represent an important and increasing field of actions for GHG emission reductions through the conservation of raw materials, improved energy and resource efficiency and fossil fuel avoidance. There is a significant opportunity for C40 cities to reduce emissions from integrated waste management actions, as cities have the powers to enact change and there is the opportunity for still more actions in this area. Integrated Waste Management systems must be planned, developed, and operated within the framework of local resource availability, economics, and environmental concerns. This Good Practice Guide focuses on the key elements to deliver successful waste to resources systems, with a survey of best practices leading to better economic, social, and environmental outcomes for cities