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Biogas bottling Biogas bottling

The first Biogas Bottling Plant towards commercialization in India – A success story

Under technology demonstration of new RDD&D Policy of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the Ministry took up a new initiative for bottling of biogas to demonstrate an Integrated Technology - package in entrepreneurial mode on medium size mixed feed biogas-fertilizer plants (BGFP) for generation, purification/enrichment, bottling and piped distribution of biogas. Installation of such plants aims at meeting stationary and motive power, cooling, refrigeration and electricity needs in addition to cooking and heating requirements. There could be a huge potential of installation of medium size biogas-fertilizer plants in the country. Under the demonstration phase, the Ministry is providing a central financial assistance from 30-50% of the cost (excluding cost ofland) for a limited number of such projects for implementation following an entrepreneurial mode on Built, Own and Operate (BOO) and re-imbursement basis.The proposals are proposed to be evaluated by experts and considered by Technology Demonstration Appraisal Committee of the Ministry. Recommended projects are to be implemented, operated and owned by the concerned industries/entrepreneurs/ project developers