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Traffic Engineering and Management (Reference Guide + Training Manual)

The module highlights the importance of planning; monitoring and controlling or influencing existing traffic flows in our cities, and showcases key linkages between Traffic Engineering and Management i order to achieve liveability and sustainability goals. The module stresses on the contibution of netweork design and planning towards sustainable development and how can they continue in achieveing integrated traffic plans.

The module explains the importance of complete street designs and various measures to increase road safety in reference to intersection designs, traffic signals, and prioritization techniques. It also briefly explains the factors that needs to be considered to make the best use of intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), opportunities and challenges it presents in order to make the transport system safer, secure, efficient and towards reducing environmental impact.

It introduces concept of transportation demand management (TDM), an alternative framework of smatly utilizing existing road supply through discouraging unneceaary private vehicles use and promoting effective, healthy and environmental- friendly modes of transport. Various TDM strategies which could be adopted by local/reginal/national authorities have been discussed in detail.