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Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development

Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development: Analysis and Policy Recommendations from the United Nations Secretary-General's High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport

The High-Level Advisory Group promotes a tailored ‘Avoid-Shift-Improve’ approach as a useful framework for assessing transport measures and for taking action in support of sustainable passenger and freight transport. Applying these principles will promote a combination of multimodal, collective-shared mobility solutions and sustainable transport systems. The concept of enabling is a critical addition to the framework, and it is in the realm of enabling that many of this report’s recommendations have been developed. Throughout the Advisory Group’s analysis, certain themes recur, including the paramount importance of taking an integrated, holistic approach to policy and investment decisions and the benefits of engaging with a wide range of stakeholders and funding sources. The Advisory Group recognizes that technology promoting clean fuels and clean energy are of high priority, and the Group gives the needs, challenges and opportunities in developing countries particular weight. The Advisory Group submits the following ten recommendations for Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development.