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ICCC Maturity Assessment framework (IMAF)

ICCC Maturity Assessment Framework (IMAF) is a self-assessment tool kit developed to assess the maturity of Integrated Command and Control Centres (ICCC) across key aspects of functionality, technology, governance and citizen/stakeholders engagement.

This tool kit will help cities identify areas of improvement in their ICCCs to deliver better services to the citizens. The framework has been finalized after several rounds of deliberations, public consultations and suitably incorporating the views of all concerned stakeholders.

Smart cities are encouraged to reap the benefit of the effort that has gone into the preparation of this framework and undertake the exercise of self-assessment, so as to unlock the potential of ICCCs implemented / being implemented in cities. With this framework cities will be able to improve data-driven governance and move towards the achievement of outcomes that were intended to as part of the cities ICCC. 


Kunal Kumar 

Joint Secretary & Mission Director, Smart Cities Mission

Government of India 

New Delhi