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Transport Command And Control Centre – Pune Transport Command And Control Centre – Pune

Transport Command And Control Centre – Pune

Pune relies solely on buses for public transportation. The average number of buses per lakh population is only. Additionally, buses in Pune have signifcant issues with availability (25% fleet off-road most of the time) and reliability (84% routes have a waiting time of more than 20 minutes).

A state of the art Transport Command and Control Centre for Traffc has been set-up at the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd. (PMPML) headquarter. The Transport Command and Control Centre captures the real time movement of buses in the city based on the GPS tracker, which is placed on the buses.
The key interventions of the project are:
• The central command control room to monitor driving quality and service levels
• Real-time tracking of 1,500+ buses (Vehicle Tracking System ‘VTS’) by installing GPS Vehicle health monitoring system (VMS) across ~1,080 buses with intelligent kits and back-end maintenance management system
• CCTV surveillance and panic buttons on 510 buses to improve security
• ‘Public Information System (PIS)’ comprising bus guides and LED screens depicting ‘Expected Time of Arrival (ETA)’ and other critical information across all 190 bus stops and in around 510 buses, along with mobile apps and website providing the real-time information
• In-bus information system and Wi-Fi in around 1,080 buses