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India - NLTA to support implementation of Orissa state climate change action plan : Summary report

In a first such request of its kind from an Indian state, Government of Odisha (GoO) requested World Bank’s Non-Lending Technical Assistance (NLTA) for implementation of its State Climate Change Action Plan (SCAP). Odisha state is highly vulnerable to climate change owing to a vulnerable coast line, rain-fed agriculture, droughts, saline water intrusion, forest degradation and periodic natural disasters such as cyclones and flooding. Odisha will also become one of the largest contributors of Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in India due to the growing energy needs. This will also adversely impact community livelihoods and intensify water and vector borne diseases. The purpose of this document is to summarize the activities, outcomes and impact made by the World Bank’s Non-Lending Technical Assistance (NLTA) to the Government of Odisha from 2014-17. This document is a part of the formal closure process of the NLTA ending June 30, 2017.