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Contributed by: abhishekclean

Presentation by Clean India Ventures

Green Waste Reprocessor (GWR) which converts all the organic waste (green, food/vegetable, temple waste) into a valuable by product without creating pollution and affecting the environment. While there are various players who are in the field of Waste to Compost, we have the added advantage of creating multiple by products from different types of waste. For e.g., We create Organic Havan Samagri from Flower Waste therefore giving it back to the temples the Havan samagri for their further use. It is a decentralized machine working with the help of Electricity and they can be installed at the source of waste only to decrease the cost of transportation of waste to landfill sites and saving our precious requirement LAND. It also employs four-five people on every machine to generate employment. We have different by products for different types of waste. For Green Waste, We create organic compost and Fuel Sticks. Organic Compost can be used in Agriculture, farming, plantations and fuel sticks can be used in clean cooking. They are smokeless pellets which are used for burning and they have a special cooking stove in which they are used. GWR machines are working successfully at the Prime locations in North India like, Central Ordnance Depot, Delhi Cantonment, Behind Nirman Bhawan for CPWD, Mamun Military Station, Pathankot, CGO Complex for Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation and at many other prime locations. Results have been encouraging.