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Blockchain and Smart Cities Blockchain and Smart Cities

Blockchain: The next innovation to make our cities smarter

To realize the objectives of SCM, cities are being planned in a way that fosters clean environment, nestles smart infrastructure and facilitates accessibility for the vulnerable groups. Additionally, adopting new technologies remain central to the implementation of this key initiative as it addresses the key concern points in the area of water management, energy saving, urban mobility, housing and accessibility. In view of the same, it becomes imperative to explore the possibility of adopting dynamic and efficient technologies for making our cities smarter. The report provides a broad understanding of the current urban challenges being tackled through smart cities. The report highlights one of the new technology breakthroughs—blockchain and analyses its transformative potential in making our cities smarter. Further, it explores multiple uses of the blockchain technology in the smart city domain and explains the prerequisites for the adoption of a blockchain-based solution and the way forward.