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Education in urban india Education in urban india

Elementary Education In Urban India; where do we stand?

For the last several years, National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA) has been actively involved in strengthening Educational Management Information System in the country. The Elementary Education in Urban India: 2015-16 is based on the data received from all States & Union Territories of the country. The publication presents not only data for elementary level but it also brings many new dimensions into focus. It includes data as diverse as different types of schools infrastructure, facilities, receipts of school development grant and teacher learning material grant as well as its utilization, enrolment of different sections of society, teachers in terms of their age, academic and professional qualifications, experience and type of in-service training obtained by them and many other parameters on which little information was available so far.

Where do we stand? Presents indicators from across the country for schools located in urban areas. It is for the tenth year
that a variety of indicators are being disseminated separately. The indicators presented in the document are divided into the following four categories:
• School-Related Indicators
• Facilities-Related Indicators
• Enrolment-Related Indicators; and
• Teacher-Related Indicators.