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Smart City Proposal-Ranchi Smart City Proposal-Ranchi
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Ranchi

Ranchi aspires to be a learning & knowledge hub of Eastern India  that provides sustainable and vibrant environment to its citizens, by addressing their socio-economic needs by leveraging its knowledge institution ecosystem.

Area based development in Ranchi envisages development of a greenfield encumbrance free land of 341 acre. This area is well within the municipal core of RMC within 5kms distance from the central business district (CBD) and close proximity to the Proposed Capital Complex, Airport and Hatia railway station.  The ABD shall aim for inclusive development and shall act as a lighthouse to the rest of the city in terms of smart features which shall be replicated to other parts of Ranchi city.

Ranchi Integrated Traffic and Transport System (RITTS) aims at integrating all the present and upcoming solution related to transport and traffic under one umbrella through ICT.