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A Resilient Singapore

How can cities be better prepared in the face of impending stresses and shocks? What are the innovative solutions that cities can adopt to address cross-cutting challenges such as climate change and changing demographics? In a world where cities are facing increasingly complex challenges, resilience is critical for cities to not just survive, but adapt and thrive. A Resilient Singapore maps out what Singapore has done and will continue to do to build its resilience. Through the sharing of case studies and actions, this publication captures Singapore’s resilience story—An urban transformation into a highly liveable, sustainable yet high-dense city-state and its continued pursuit to maintain a competitive economy while ensuring a high quality of life for its residents. Resilience requires us to take an integrated systems approach. It is as much about robust infrastructure and plans as it is about involving and engaging diverse stakeholders. Everyone has a part to play in this ongoing journey of building a resilient Singapore, to make the city better in times of peace and to work together to weather any crisis.