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2016 Energy Trilemma Index: Benchmarking the sustainability of national energy systems

The Energy Trilemma Index provides policymakers with a tool for doing so. It comparatively ranks 125 countries’ energy performance in order of how well they address the Council’s widely-used definition of energy sustainability, which is based on three core dimensions: energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability. Each country is given an index ranking as well as a letter grade denoting its performance in the individual dimensions.

Detailed country profiles as well as regional analyses allow policymakers and energy leaders quick access to the most crucial information while at the same time offering the possibility of engaging in more in-depth comparison with regional or economic peers. To enhance the utility of the report even further, the 2016 Index is accompanied by the launch of its interactive online tool. The tool includes country and regional overviews, maps and a pathway calculator which allows users to manipulate selected key energy indicators to explore how their country’s index ranking could evolve.

The 2016 Index, especially if considered in conjunction with its companion report, the 2016 World Energy Trilemma, which identifies five key focus areas to drive progress on the Trilemma, can support the necessary timely action to move towards sustainability.