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Moonshot Report Moonshot Report

Moon Shots & Puddle Jumps - Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

In ‘Moon Shots & Puddle Jumps – Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals’, UNDP Innovation Facility shares case studies from over 25 countries of how innovation can make development more impactful.

The 2017-2018 Innovation report takes the reader through the innovation journey at UNDP. Introducing innovation concepts - present and emerging service lines – it features initiatives that tested or scaled new ways to eradicate poverty, protect the planet, prevent conflict, manage climate change risk and advance gender equality.

The case studies encompass a wide range of development innovation in action – some are pursuing moonshots, others puddle jumps: from a collaboration with Makers Space in Honduras to jointly design with persons with disabilities 3-D printed prostheses for inclusion; a spatial data sandbox to improve biodiversity conservation efforts globally together with UN Environment, MapX, NASA and UN Global Pulse; a joint experiment with NudgeLebanon and national partners to improve efforts on preventing violent extremism in Sudan based on findings from behavioral science; a trial to improve remittances transfers in Serbia with the help of blockchain and scaling public sector innovation processes in Armenia, Bangladesh, Georgia, Moldova and Sri Lanka, among others.