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Emissions gap report Emissions gap report
Emissions gap report1 Emissions gap report1

The Emissions Gap Report 2016

Since 2010, United Natons Environment (UNEP) has produced annual Emissions Gap Reports based on requests by countries for an independent scientfc assessment of how actons and pledges by countries affect the global greenhouse gas emissions trend, and how this compares to emissions trajectories consistent with the long-term goal of the United Natons Framework Conventon on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The difference has become known as the emissions gap. In additon to estmatng the emissions gap, the reports focus on key optons for achieving the emissions reductons necessary to bridge the gap, and provide an
assessment of how these can be accelerated and scaled up. Countries have found these emissions gap assessments useful in informing the politcal process. This seventh Emissions Gap Report is based on requests by countries for an update that focuses on some of the key issues emerging with the adopton of the Paris Agreement and its specifc long-term temperature goal.