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Smart Streets Smart Streets

Dovetailing Smart Streets

With the launch of Smart Cities initiative, projects of varied nature leveraging technology have been conceptualized and planned for implementation across the country. Smart streets is one such measure which is common amongst the projects underway. There are several measures planned for implementation; this paper looks at major ones and their likely impact once these are implemented within a stretch in a planned way. The first and the foremost requirement for such a project is to understand the customer for such initiatives i.e. end users. If the requirements of these end users i.e. “Voice of Customer” get translated on ground with an initiative, it can bring in the transformation which projects within Smart Cities initiatives intend to achieve.

In order to make the usage of the street segments pleasant for all these users; some specific measures are needed, which become a part of “smart offerings” of the street stretch. This papers explores some of these. The users of the street as mentioned above visualize the smart street project with hope to get a pleasant experience on those for the time they spend there. End users and the business group users both have expectations. In event the end user expectations and project provisions have a synergy the initiative becomes a success.