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Bhubaneswar E-Mobility Plan Bhubaneswar E-Mobility Plan

Bhubaneswar E-Mobility Plan: EoI submitted by Bhubaneswar-Puri Transport Services for Availing Grant under FAME

This proposal was submitted in response to the EoI issued by Department of Heavy Industry on 31st October 2017. 

Bhubaneswar, through strategic investments in public transit infrastructure and last mile connectivity modes, aims to induce a shift by 20% travel to public transport by 2021. As per its Bus Modernization Plan, 38.7kms of Priority Transit Corridors will require 148 new electric buses to move 192,000 daily passengers. For first-last mile connectivity within its ABD, the City proposes deployment of 500 e-rickshaws, allied infrastructure and charging stations by 2021. These two project proposals combined will act as a catalyst to help Bhubaneswar achieve its target of 30% of vehicle travel in the city through electric vehicles by 2030.