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Swachhta Status report Swachhta Status report

Swachhta Status Report 2016

A Rapid Survey on Swachhta Status was conducted by the NSSO during May-June 2015 alongside its regular 72nd Round (July 2014-June 2015) survey covering 3788 villages and 2907 urban blocks. The number of households surveyed was 73,176 in rural India and 41,538 in urban India.  The survey aims to give a snapshot of the situation on the availability/accessibility of toilets, solid waste and liquid waste management at sample village/ward and household levels aggregated at State and country levels.

In urban areas, cleaning of community/public toilets was being done by the persons employed by the local municipal body in 73.1% wards having these toilets. 12.2% wards were such where the cleaning was being done by the persons employed by the residents’ welfare association. However, community/public toilets in 8.6% wards were not being cleaned by anybody.  36.8% wards in urban areas reported to have a proper liquid waste disposal system for community/public toilets.