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User Guide for India’s 2047 Energy Calculator: Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Wind and Small Hydro)

Recognizing the potential benefits of renewable energy (RE), Government of India (GoI) and various State Governments have taken several measures that have led to the increasing share of RE in the electricity mix of the country. These have resulted in nearly 35776 MW (as of May 2015) of gridconnected installed capacity which has roughly 13% of share in the total installed capacity and delivering close to 6.4% of the total electricity generation. The above data for renewables does not include the contribution of large hydro. The lion’s share in this is taken by wind power at 23.4 GW (May, 2015). The adoption of a large target of 175 GW of RE capacity (excluding large hydro) by 2022 is a bold step towards a future RE denominated electricity system. Indeed, RE has come a long way in India and one can safely say that it is well on its way to becoming mainstreamed with an additional 30 GW capacity addition planned in the 12th five year plan (2012-17) being comparable to all existing RE capacity or ~60% of all conventional capacity (thermal+ nuclear+ large hydro) added in the 11th plan