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Rebooting Pune: City Digital Strategy 2018-2020

The Digital Age provides newer opportunities to the Governments to serve citizens more effectively. Growing use of emerging digital technologies such as loTs, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc. also allows governments to understand citizen needs proactively and deliver responsive governance. Use of Social Media, coupled with these technologies, shall empower citizens to collaborate with governments for policy formulation, thereby strengthening participatory governance.

In our continued thrust to make Pune one of the most livable cities, globally, we realize the importance to embrace these emerging technologies. In this journey, it is imperative for Urban Bodies to chalk out holistic, integrated Digital Strategy to create enterprise-wide, sustainable ecosystem. I am delighted that Pune has emerged as a lighthouse amongst leading global cities by chalking out a futuristic City Digital Strategy 2020.

Pune’s Digital Strategy 2020 provides a road map to transform the city into a digital economy and outlines set of crisp, ambitious goals to be achieved by 2020. It also showcases the way various digital interventions will impact Punekars in 2020.