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Primer on FSSM Primer on FSSM

Primer on Faecal Sludge and Septage Management

We know that on-site sanitation systems along with faecal waste/septage treatment plants have been successfully implemented in cities across Africa and the South East Asia. To bring about quick improvements in sanitation levels across urban areas in India and stop
dangerous practices such as dumping of faecal waste management in open grounds and water bodies, it is important that our cities mandatorily adopt a set of safe practices in faecal waste and septage management (FSSM).

Adopting these practices would require our cities to and states to be innovative and take a lead in identifying appropriate technology options and institutional arrangements. Implementing FSSM would also provide our cities an opportunity to ensure that the workers
involved in cleaning on-site sanitation systems have instructions in and actually practice - safety norms. Thus, FSSM presents an opportunity to bring about multi-dimensional improvements