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Buffer around waste Buffer around waste

Guidelines on the provision of buffer zone around waste processing and disposal facilities

the Government of India through CPCB has framed these guidelines on maintaining Buffer zone including green belt around waste management facilities. These guidelines will not only facilitate the ULBs in meeting the regulatory requirements, reduce the aforesaid nuisance value of the waste management facilities but also make an effort to enhance their aesthetic appeal. In addition to above, the siting criteria for setting up these facilities for waste processing/ landfill is adopted as mentioned in SWM Rules, 2016 at tailing part of these guidelines. In some instances, the actual separation distance may vary from those recommended in these Guideline, due to site-specific constraints. In such cases, variations to the recommended separation distances may be acceptable, subject to detailed assessment by concerned authorities and to the satisfaction of the State Pollution Control Board/Committee.

To achieve the purpose, these Guidelines aim to: 

 minimize the risk of adverse impacts on the environment (land, air, water, noise pollution) and the impacts on the Public Health

 inform and support strategic land use planning decisions and prevent encroachment of controlled areas

 Generate/ develop public acceptance for solid waste treatment and disposal infrastructure

 Encourage new technological innovations for processing facilities with minimal land requirement