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Smart City Proposal-Panaji Smart City Proposal-Panaji
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Panaji

The vision for Panaji’s development, as defined in the Holistic Master Plan of the city in 2013, has been reiterated in the current consultative process: “Transforming the City of Panaji into a world-class, environmentally sustainable and liveable city for all, while preserving its heritage, cultural diversity and ecosystem through community participation, innovation and smart solutions”

2 sqkm area in core city reflecting heritage and culture of Panaji has been selected for retrofitting through 5 key thematic interventions: 1) Smart and sustainable infrastructure to improve basic quality of life and increase efficiency of service provision 2) Conserving and showcasing heritage and culture to enhance image of the city 3) Place making to improve character of public areas  4) Blue green sustainability of coastal ecosystem  5) Economic development, job creation and revenue generation opportunities (e.g ticket,branding, PPP, user charges) across interventions

Pan City Solutions for Panaji complement existing and proposed infrastructure with smart solutions for the identified focus areas. In order to achieve maximum and city wide impact two main solutions are proposed (A) Smart Transportation and Eco Mobility (B) Smart Environmental Services.