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10 Innovative Approaches to Improve the Urban WA-S-H Sector in India

The IHUWASH project aims to improve performance of the urban WASH sector in India by following a process of agglomeration (compilation of best practices), incubation (supporting innovative solutions) and acceleration (giving momentum to innovations). IHUWASH is a collaborative initiative of the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), lead partner; and TARU Leading Edge Private Limited, IRC and Ennovent. Yes Bank and Vallluri Technologies are strategic partners in the project.

The landscape for innovations in India is vast. Attempts have been made at various levels (both government and non-government) to promote numerous innovative ideas. The water, sanitation, and hygiene sectors in India have seen a quantum leap in innovative solutions in the recent year, credit to the nationwide Swacch Bharat Mission. This document endeavors to shed light on some of those noteworthy innovations in the country with respect to water, sanitation, and hygiene. 

The ideas/solutions documented in this booklet are at different stages of innovation since they were first introduced. Some are yet to find widespread acceptance and are in the initial (incubation) stages. Some are pilots that have been tested in different parts of India and have gained some momentum. While others have been scaled up, but are not yet to be recognized. 

The main purpose of documenting innovations in the WASH sector is to sensitize and encourage important stakeholders i.e. administrators, policy makers, city officials etc. to either adopt these innovations or introduce similar innovations to improve WASH performance in their cities.