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Energy Principles and Renewable Energy

Partial Date: 2018CE Jan 23rd to 2018CE Mar 23rd
Document Category: E-Learning, renewable energy

An introduction to the language of energy, key scientific principles that underpin energy systems, future energy challenges and available renewable energy options.

This course is an excellent foundation for equipping learners to understand the basics of everything related to energy and the challenges associated with transitioning to a sustainable energy future.

We will provide an overview of the energy challenge including supply and demand - from where we have come from, and the likely future scenarios for 2050.

You will learn the language of energy and the key scientific principles that underpin energy systems.

The course will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the suite of renewable energy and technology options available for electricity generation.

It will be useful for those working in the energy industry and policy space, non government organisations, or anyone keen to find out more about energy.

What you'll learn

  • The language of energy
  • The challenges involved in providing sustainable energy supply
  • Key scientific principles that underpin energy systems
  • The basics of a number of available renewable energy options
  • The role of energy storage