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Innovative Public Transport Innovative Public Transport

Innovative Public Transport Information Systems

The mode share of buses in Indian cities has been declining over the years. A reason for this is that passengers do not have enough information on bus operations such bus routes, stops and the expected arrival time. This makes the system unreliable forcing passengers to use private modes of transport. To retain and increase the mode share of buses, it is essential that bus users are provided with real-time, accurate and reliable information on bus operations.

This report captures the the methodology to develop an innovative passenger information system for using Information Technology (IT) based web and mobile applications. The methodology has been developed using Hyderabad as a case city. Data was collected through flock sourcing and a special mobile application called Routemaster was developed specifically for this purpose. Data collected through the app was later converted to General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format, the international standard to represent bus operations data. This mobile application is available online and can be replicated to generate similar bus information systems in other cities.