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Smart City Proposal-Bhagalpur Smart City Proposal-Bhagalpur
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Bhagalpur

The Vision for Bhagalpur has emerged from the SWOT analysis as well as the aspirations expressed by citizens. Bhagalpur aspires to be a city where municipal governance is in-sync with citizens’ needs and the citizenry is aware, and responsible, with a sense of ownership for the city.

Bhagalpur’s ABD proposal will retrofit and rejuvenate 613 acres between the River Ganga and NH 80 in the heart of the city to a vibrant “Living City”. The area has a strong historical and religious association for the city and is truly representative of its socio-cultural and economic identity. ABD area adjoins the Railway Station, Bus Stand, Barari Industrial Area. It will combine intelligent regeneration and conservation of the historic inner city, market areas, riverfront and public spaces with the redevelopment of select land parcels for creating compact, mixed-use and sustainable neighborhoods.

At the core of the Pan City Proposal is the idea to target priority challenges faced by citizens and improve efficiency of service delivery. The proposed pan-city initiatives are as follows:

Theme1 : GATIMAAN BHAGALPUR : Intelligent Transport System (ITS)

Theme 2 : SWACHH BHAGALPUR (SWM) : Intelligent Solid Waste Management (ISWM)