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Smart City Proposal-Dharamsala Smart City Proposal-Dharamsala
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The Smart City Challenge-Stage 2: Smart City Proposal-Dharamsala

...the Vision 2025 for Dharamshala was formulated as - "A global tourist destination for all reasons and all seasons which is sustainable, resilient and smart while being, for its residents, a city which is livable, economically vibrant, safe and inclusive."

Based on the outcomes of the citizen engagement process, the area based development (ABD) proposal for Dharamshala is formulated on a strategy of redevelopment+retrofit development over 775 acres of area covering a population of 27,053 persons (50% of total city population). It includes the key locations of Dharamkot, Bhagsu, McLeodganj, Kotwali Bazar,Khajanchi Mohalla, Kachahri Adda, Ramnagar, Shyamnagar, Cheelgari.

Dharamshala envisions transformation into a SMART CITY through optimized use of city systems - transport and utilities, and participatory urban governance by institutionalizing their information systems with a City Coordination Center for Developing Digital Dharamshala called DCube - a 24x7x365 information center for users - residents, tourists and city managers/ policy makers to strengthen real time data access, evidence based planning and decision making.