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Liveability Standards in Cities

The Ministry of Urban Development has developed a set of ‘Liveability Standards in Cities’ to generate a Liveability Index and rate cities. A total of 79 indicators (57 Core Indicators and 22 Supporting Indicators) have been prescribed in the document (given at Annex 1). These have been grouped under 15 thematic categories, which in turn are part of the four pillars of comprehensive development of cities, namely institutional, social, economic and physical. Based on the performance of cities against the various core and supporting indicators, various ‘Category Sub-Indexes’ and a composite ‘City Liveability Index’ will be developed for each city.

The ‘Methodology for Collection and Computation of Liveability Standards in Cities’ is intended as a companion document, and provides guidance on data capture, sources of data, and the process to be followed for calculating the various indexes.