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BEE Energy Efficient multistorey buildings BEE Energy Efficient multistorey buildings

Design Guidelines for Energy Efficient Multi Story Residential Buildings

The objective of the design guidelines is to provide comprehensive information on how to design energy-efficient multi-storey residential buildings. The guidelines take into account different climatic conditions prevailing in India, and the first set of guidelines is for the composite and hot-dry climatic regions of India. The methodology followed for the development of the guidelines consisted of (a) background research and collection of design and energy consumption data for sample residential buildings; (b) measurement of electricity consumption, temperature, and humidity in sample flats to collect data for the development and validation of energy simulation models; (c) evaluation and analysis of different energy-efficiency design strategies using energy simulation models; (d) formulation of guidelines based on the results of the simulation studies; and (e) consultation with experienced architects and design professionals to get their feedback in fine-tuning the draft guidelines.