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Pune Direct Benefit transfer Pune Direct Benefit transfer

PMC Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT)

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has introduced PMC Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) and Services portal with an objective to disburse benefits, subsidies or services to the intended beneficiaries. The schemes of various departments under PMC have been on-boarded on DBT Services Portal. The beneficiaries of these schemes shall receive benefits, subsidies or services via Aadhaar Payment Bridge. 

As we all  know, current the process of benefit disbursal involves various manual touch points from the point of application submission, to approval and finally till benefit disbursal. The benefits transfer process is prone to duplication / redundancies in the beneficiary database as it is maintained and processed manually. PMC's DBT Portal would automate various functions and processes involved in the administration of DBT- Direct Benefits Transfer schemes .

PMC has identified total 105 schemes for DBT spanning across 5 departments namely Health, Education, Labor Welfare, Social Development and Finance Department. These schemes are classified in two types: In-Kind schemes (53) and cash-based schemes (52).  

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