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Indore A Place for People Indore A Place for People

Building a Pedestrian City: Indore A Place for People

Recognizing that the streets of Indore were plagued by obstructions on pedestrian footpaths, instances of road space not being used as intended — problems which cause all road users to move less safely and efficiently, EMBARQ India produced the report "Indore: A Place for People"

This report looks at road improvements in the city of Indore, through detailed audits of the “walkability” of eight Indore thoroughfares and case-studies on three selected streets. These were conducted by EMBARQ transport planners and engineers Matthew Bomberg and Prajna Rao in Indore in June and July 2010.

The report aims to highlight pedestrian design successes in Indore so that other cities may learn from the example. The report seeks to identify areas for improvement in roads yet to be completed, and to outline simple retrofits for completed roads that can improve pedestrian safety and convenience. Case studies illustrate how a reallocation of road space combined with the use of certain pedestrian design features can improve the experience of all road users.