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Making Disabled Friendly Smart Cities Making Disabled Friendly Smart Cities

Making Disabled Friendly Smart Cities

The document briefly highlights the accessibility components for Built & ICT-based interventions for Making Disabled Friendly Smart Cities. 

India is home to approximately 7-10% people living with disabilities and an equal number rapidly acquiring disability on account of medical conditions, accidents and old age. The Smart Cities Mission is the greatest opportunity to ensure the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in ALL new developments that will now take place in India, weaving together the provisions of the Digital India and the Accessible India Campaign to create an inclusive landscape that leaves no one behind.

We strongly recommend adherence to following standards while planning for and executing any projects for your respective Smart Cities. Developments in the built environment must be in accordance with National Building Code, 2016 (Part 3, Section 13) and interventions related to IT, electronics, and/or digital must be strictly in adherence to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or EN 301 549 – the European Standard on Accessibility ( 

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