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Sabarmati Riverfront Development Sabarmati Riverfront Development

Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project

Ahmedabad is located on the banks of sabarmati River that serves as the city's lifeline. It is a major source of water from the city due to regular release of water from Narmada Canal upstream. The waters of the river were used for sacred and socio-religious activities since centuries, and its banks were used for activities such as informal markets, washing, and recreation activities. The Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project is being implemented in the city as an urban design, urban renewal, ecological and environmental improvement project. This project aims to transform Ahmedabad’s historic but neglected river into a vibrant and vital focus for the city along with widely landscaped parks and gardens, clean ghats, serene environment, clean water, diversion of sewerage, and improved conditions for urban poor resident on the riverbed. The development project encompasses both banks of the Sabarmati