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Air pollution graded response Air pollution graded response

Graded Response Action Plan Per Control of Air Pollution in Delhi and National Capital Region of Delhi and Letter to EPCA

The graded measures for each source have been framed according to the AQI categories. It also takes note of the broad health advisory for each level of AQI that was adopted by the Government of India along with the AQI (See Table 1 and 2). The analysis of the past air quality trend shows that Severe and Very Poor air quality is  anticipated throughout the winter months of November to February and largely poor category during the summer months of March to May .

The proposal has been framed keeping in view the key pollution sources in Delhi and National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR). While major sources of pollution including vehicles, road dust, biomass burning, construction, power plants and industries remain continuous throughout all seasons, the episodic pollution from stubble burning, increase in biomass burning, etc. varies across seasons. During winter the relative share of vehicles, biomass burning, MSW burning, firecracker, stubble burning, construction, and secondary particles increase. During summer, the influence of road dust, fly ash, vehicles, biomass burning etc is high. The proposed graded measure approach has considered all these aspects and includes appropriate measures for each level of pollution according to AQI.