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 ITMS (Intelligent Transit Management System) ITMS (Intelligent Transit Management System)

ITMS (Intelligent Transit Management System): Surat

Surat is implementing a city wide integrated system – “Intelligent Transit Management System” (ITMS), to manage diverse set of transportation needs for the city – this includes: (a) public transport and (b) vehicles related to civic services like Solid Waste Management, Drainage, Heavy Engineering, Emergency Services etc. ITMS is planned to bring in best-in-class operational efficiency and automation to the operational capability of the city in respect to transport.  The Intelligent Transit Management System is an all-inclusive system that integrates various departments of Surat Municipal Corporation for better operational efficiency and optimum utilization of resources.  The project is envisaged to reduce the travel time, improve reliability of public transports, and bring operational efficiency to various departments in providing their services to citizens with the Surat city.