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Best Practices_innovation in textile Best Practices_innovation in textile

Harnessing Sustainable Linkages for SMEs in Turkey’s Textile Sector

Although economic and social conditions in Turkey have improved rapidly in the last 10 years, the country still suffers from some key development challenges, including significant regional disparities and high unemployment among youth and women. Targeting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the textile sector, the largest and most labour-intensive sector in Turkey, this innovative Joint Programme assisted local businesses to develop sustainable competitiveness and improve working conditions, particularly for women in disadvantaged communities in poor areas.

This report provides comprehensive information about best practise examples of national and international research centres that aim to increase competitiveness of SMEs in the textile and apparel sectors. The document provides an analysis of best practices in research centres in five countries with priority given to ones that prioritize the environment, corporate social responsibility, supply chain structuring and sustainability as well as proposes a model for a research centre based in Malatya, Turkey. Within this proposal administrative structure, job descriptions and related legislation of the universities is also provided.