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National Health Profile National Health Profile

National Health Profile 2018

An updated and credible National Health Data is essential for effective planning, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation of various Health Programmes & Health Sector Development activities.  To achieve this objective, the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI), annually brings out a Publication “National Health Profile (NHP), which covers all the major information on Demography, Socio-Economic Status, Disease Morbidity & Mortality, Healthcare Finance, Human Resources in Health and Healthcare Infrastructure. NHP is an initiative which is at par with international standards of data publications.

The objective of this publication is to create a versatile data base of health information of India and making it available to all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.  This data base of health information is comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to access.  This publication takes into account recent trends in demography, disease profile (communicable and non communicable/lifestyle diseases) and available health resources which define a country's health status. The disease profile has been presented following standard coding from Family of International classification(FIC).This improves interoperability of the data internationally.

The purpose is to provide relevant information for planning and decision making on an informed basis to the planners, policy makers, health administrators, research workers and others engaged in raising the health and socio-economic status of the community. This publication is useful for medical post graduates and trainees of medical and paramedical personnel.