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Arbitration and dispute resolution Arbitration and dispute resolution

Strengthening Arbitration and its Enforcement in India – Resolve in India

India has an estimated 31 million cases pending in various courts. As of 31.12.2015 there were 59,272 cases pending in the Supreme Court of India, around 3.8 million cases pending in the High Courts and around 27 million pending before the subordinate judiciary. 26% of cases, more than 8.5 million, are more than 5 years old. It has been estimated that 12 million Indians await trial in criminal cases throughout the country. On an average it takes twenty years for a real estate or land dispute to be resolved. The present paper focuses on the first and internationally the largest mode of dispute resolution, that is, Arbitration. However, prior to looking at how arbitration functions in the country, it would be useful to understand the process of arbitration.