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Recommendations of Working Group on Urban Transport for 12th Five Year Plan

The present scene of urban transport across India is categorized by sprawling cities; declining share of public transport and non-motorised transport; focus on supply side yet with low investments; sheer neglect of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users; and increased motorization leading to pollution and high road fatalities/injuries. The problem is getting further aggravated by multiplicity of authorities/departments involved in urban transport often with conflicting agenda as well as a lack of understanding of the authorities as well as public of various issues relating to urban transport. Such a scenario is neither desirable nor sustainable even for the present and needs to be proactively reversed on urgent basis. In order to achieve the same, the following 10 goals have been identified in the 12th Five Year Plan (FYP) in line with the National Urban Transport Policy-2006 (NUTP-2006)