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Planning and Desgin guidelines Planning and Desgin guidelines

Planning and Design Guidelines for Cycle Infrastructure

The National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) and National Mission on Sustainable Habitat (NMSH) have stressed the need for an approach that focuses on people and not vehicles. Road design must not increase dependence on and usage of personal vehicles. This is possible only if cities are built to prioritise public transport, walking and cycling and clean (NMSH, 2011). Indian cities have a high latent demand for cycle and walking trips, which can be realised with the introduction of suitable infrastructure, facilities and resources. This guideline attempts at improving the overall cycling and NMV environment by providing information covering planning, design, implementation and management of cycle friendly infrastructure based on the context and limitations of Indian cities. The lack of key information on NMT to city authorities as well as designers and practitioners is a missing link to create the necessary infrastructure for NMT in India. The planning and design guideline can assist as a tool for engineers and designers to help them think and execute decisions on the basis of an analytical and detailed design process, relying on sound data and known best practices. It also intends to help condition the decision-making process and design judgment so that the users’ requirements from the infrastructure are fulfilled without compromises.